Atlassian Head of Sales Strategy & Analytics in San Francisco, California

At Atlassian, we are on a mission to reinvent B2B selling. We know that classic high-pressure B2B sales tactics don't work. We have built a $800m+, fast-growing business without those tactics, based on high-quality products, trials and an intense focus on customer satisfaction. Those happy Customers convert to paying Customers, creating a prolific "Flywheel" that has delivered 120,000 customers to date. We believe that there is an opportunity to more pro-actively engage with our customers through "Smart Touch" - specific, value-added outbound engagements that will lead to higher conversions and incremental bookings throughout the Customer lifecycle. The Head of Sales Strategy & Analytics will work closely with the Atlassian leadership team to lead the definition, development and ongoing improvement of the "Smart Touch" framework and build out a comprehensive approach to engaging with our customers and sustain strong bookings growth.

Why This Role

  • Atlassian has built out a world-class capability to attract prospects to free trials and convert them to paying customers ("The Flywheel"). Our mission is to identify leverage points across the customer lifecycle, where "sales" resources can be applied to further increase momentum of the Flywheel. These "sales" resources will apply "Smart Touch" - proactive, value-added engagement with the Customer to increase bookings, compatible with Atlassian's core value of "not $#@#ing the Customer".

  • To understand where these leverage points are, the Customer Journey needs to be well understood, as well as the drivers of conversion in each stage of that journey. Simultaneously, a clear understanding needs to be developed of customer potential and penetration, that will allow for more targeted, needs-based up-sell/cross-sell activities.

  • Once understood, intelligent "Smart Touch" strategies need to be formulated, executed and measured (A/B tests) to identify the levers of increased conversion. Successful experiments will be scaled based on a well understood capacity model (i.e. if we add one resource of type X, bookings are expected to go up by z).

  • In parallel, we need to ensure that existing “Sales” resources are held accountable and perform optimally. This requires a solid blend of traditional B2B Sales Performance metrics around pipeline management and monitoring of KPIs associated with “Smart Touch”.

What we want to get done:

  • We want to continue to reinvent B2B/Enterprise selling. Your work will be read be read by generations to come as the true B2B sales inflection point where sales people stopped "$#%ing their Customers" (an Atlassian core value).

  • Develop a comprehensive view on the market potential for Atlassian products through a bottoms-up analysis of Customer Wallet and clearly defined Customer segments.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of how our Customers buy Atlassian products as a precursor for definition of "Smart Touch" treatment plans by segment.

  • Creation of well-defined "Smart Touch" treatment plans, where the roles and responsibilities of the different Atlassian actors engaging with customers today are well defined (inside sales, channel partners, customer success managers, renewals team, etc.) and the incremental bookings impact is measurable.

  • Collaboration with executive management, inside sales and channel management to identify and prioritize "Engagement Experiments" based on bookings upside potential, yet compatible with Atlassian's core value of not "F#$%ing the Customer." Run experiments to assess impact. Determine prioritization of roll-out at scale.

  • Define metrics to measure Customer health and conversion at every stage of the Customer lifecycle. Benchmark Atlassian performance against other companies. Identify actions to take to improve all of the above.

  • Identify opportunities for cross-sell/up-sell and the optimal engagement model to realize that potential.

  • Develop a sales capacity model that allows Atlassian to predictably tie deployment of incremental sales resources to incremental bookings.

  • Based on all the above, create a comprehensive bookings forecast model for Atlassian, in close collaboration with finance.

  • Measure execution performance and ensure all stakeholders are held accountable.

  • Support key stakeholders and executive management with reporting and analytics in support of strategic and operational decision-making.

  • Be the ears and the voice of Field Operations for new Go-to-Market projects and product launches. Drive implementation of new market initiatives within Field Operations in collaboration with leadership and Sales Enablement.

  • Lead a growing team of sales analysts to get the job done.

Required Skills

  • Minimum 10 years of ever-increasing responsibility in Sales Operations/Sales Strategy within a SaaS company or in a strategy consulting environment.

  • The mind of a great, strategic thinker; Sun Tzu would have come to you for advice.

  • A very thorough understanding of traditional Sales Performance, Pipeline Management and Forecasting, which you will blend into Atlassian’s approach.

  • Desire to pioneer the frontier of B2B sales. You have studied "The Challenger Sale", "Social Selling" and the Classics and have developed an understanding so thorough of coverage models, go-to-market strategy and metrics that you are ready to put it all together in the one "Grand Unifying Theory of B2B Sales".

  • Ninja-like analysis skills: you know what questions to ask, what the data says, and what actions we can take based upon the results

  • Ability to cover the range of activities from C-level presentations to hands-on, data deep-dives with analysts.

  • A hands-on leader, who knows how to apply the right level of situational guidance to a team of smart analysts.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • The diplomatic skills to lead and drive cross-company initiatives to conclusion.

  • Ideally, experience developing Customer segmentations and journey maps in a B2B SaaS environment.

  • Experience defining up-sell/cross-sell playbooks delivering significant revenue upside.

  • Ability to create a performance and metrics focused culture

  • Bachelors Degree required. MBA preferred.

  • Ideally, a background in Strategy Consulting with a top tier firm. hands-on, data deep-dives with analysts.

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.