Cosma International Engineer/Senior Engineer - Planning and Control - Autonomy in Palo Alto, California

Company Introduction

As one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world - Magna International is committed to delivering product and process innovations through our world-class manufacturing operations that combine our unique design, engineering and program management expertise. At the heart of our operating structure is a powerful entrepreneurial culture and Fair Enterprise philosophy, which builds ownership and inspires pride in our employees.

Job Introduction

The Planning and Control researches and develops motion control algorithms and software for autonomous vehicles (AVs). The main focus is developing high-speed dynamic motion control and low-speed kinematic motion control of lateral (steering) and longitudinal (acceleration and braking) maneuver of AVs. For this position, we are looking for a software engineer with the ability to understand autonomous vehicles in general and a strong level of expertise in AI or robotics.

Major Responsibilities
  • Work on core planning and control algorithms such as routing, behavior planning, trajectory planning, feedback controllers, etc.
  • Develop state-of-the-art algorithms for planning under uncertainty using stochastic optimization techniques with linear and non-linear objective functions
  • Develop behavioral reasoning framework to support navigation in complex traffic scenarios, such as lane changes, merges, double-parked vehicles, and blind turns
  • Develop functionally safe systems that fail gracefully and safely exit traffic when difficult situations arise
  • Implement real-time algorithms on CPU/GPU in C++
  • Build tools and infrastructure to verify and evaluate the performance of the planner/controller over time
Knowledge and Education
  • Master's or higher degree in Engineering or equivalent experience, including but not limited to: Computer Science Electrical, Aerospace, and Robotics. Automotive OEM or Tier-1 experience preferred
Work Experience
  • Experience in research or development in a technology area related to Autonomous Vehicles
Skills and Competencies
  • Ability to produce production-quality C++
  • Strong background in artificial intelligence, robotics, algorithms, and data structures
  • Ability to build applications for robot path planning using a broad range of tools such as numerical optimization, feedback control, system modeling, etc
  • Ability to develop safety critical navigation systems for low-latency compute platforms
  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate across teams and disciplines
  • Openness to new / different ideas. Ability to evaluate multiple approaches and choose the best one based on first principles

Nice to have

  • 2+ years experience working in a related role
  • 5+ years developing in C++
  • Hands on experience with building a navigation stack for mobile robots, from high-level route planning on road graphs and behavioral reasoning to trajectory generation and low-level feedback control
  • Experience with robot path planning techniques like energy functions, behavior trees, jerk minimization, stochastic optimization, etc.
  • Experience with traffic agent intention modeling
  • Experience with GPU programming in CUDA or OpenCL
Work Environment
  • Normal amount of sitting or standing, average mobility to move around an office environment, able to conduct normal amount of work at a computer
  • Vision abilities required by this job include close vision and ability to adjust focus

Group: Magna Corporate

Division: Magna Autonomous Systems LLC

State/Province/County: California

City: Palo Alto

Job Type: Regular