Fisher Investments Financial Advisor Sales or Service Opportunities (2017-4662) in San Mateo, California

Next steps in a career for Financial Advisors can be hard to navigate. More often than not, financial firms provide “more of the same” to their employees and clients. Do you want something better? Is your future employer more interested in you or the book of clients you have? Are there opportunities for you to grow or are they chomping at the bit to go through your rolodex?

Fisher Investments is different—for our employees and our clients. We are looking for bold professionals to articulate our financial philosophy and educate current and potential clients on investment strategies at each step in the relationship.

Different for our Employees

As a Financial Advisor you have a level of experience we really value. You know how to talk about the markets and you are familiar with the issues most people face through retirement. We want to tap into your knowledge and skills, and continue to build them up with education, mentoring, and resources.

The opportunities we have for you are lucrative and varying. We have a specialized organizational model which will allow you to focus on your strengths and passions, however, the positions we offer don’t exist at most other firms. The position where you have the best chances to excel might not be obvious to you at first glance, so we’d like to take a different approach.

We know our opportunities and what it takes to succeed in each of them—you know your background and strengths—so let’s work together to determine where you are most likely to be successful.

Different for our Clients

We’re a multi-billion dollar, global investment firm who got where we are by not following conventional industry wisdom, but focusing on how things should be done–all in an effort to put clients first in ways other financial firms do not. We need people like you, people unafraid to be different in search of being better.

Our clients work hard for their money and we work hard for our clients. Their success is our success, their goals are our goals. Building an honest, transparent relationship with clients and exceeding our fiduciary responsibilities separates us from other financial firms.

Different for you

Does this sound like a firm you can believe in? Are you ready to join a different company? One that invests in your career and puts clients first in ways others don’t?

Apply now—provide us your resume and let us work with you to find your best fit.


ID: 2017-4662

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